Rogowski Coil CT's | Revenue Grade
RoCoil Flexible Rope Current Transformers

16" RoCoil Rogowski Flexible Current Transformers
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16" RoCoil Rogowski Flexible Current Transformers 24" RoCoil Rogowski Flexible Current Transformers 36" RoCoil Rogowski Flexible Current Transformers 47" RoCoil Rogowski Flexible Current Transformers

DENT's RoCoil line of Rogowski Coil CTs offer significant advantages over conventional Split Core or Clamp-On CTs in certain installations. These "rope-style" current transformers deliver "installer-friendly" features such as large window size, light weight, wide current range, and mechanical flexibility for mounting in tight quarters. RoCoils provide accurate, non-intrusive measurement of AC combined with easy placement around cable bundles, large bus bars, and irregular shaped conductors.

RoCoil CTs are designed for use with DENT's PowerScout Series and ELITEpro XC Series instruments. This Rogowski-type sensor produces an output signal (di/dt) of 131mVAC per 1000A at 60 Hz (110mVAC/1000A @ 50 Hz). Revenue grade performance of these CTs meets or exceeds IEEE C57.13 Class 1.2.

These CTs require a customer-supplied integrator/amplifier, such as the one built into DENT's ELITEpro XC and PowerScout instruments. Contact DENT Instruments to determine compatibility with other products.

Four lengths available: 16", 24", 36", and 47".

Parts: CTR16A4U, CTR24A4U, CTR36A4U, CTR47A4U

  • Current Range 5-5000A AC
  • Accuracy: <0.6% typical
  • Designed for accurate, non-intrusive measurement
  • Fit into panels where rigid core CTs are unsuitable or simply won't fit
  • Use to measure AC current over a wide, dynamic range
  • Compatible with ELITEpro XC/SP and all PowerScout Series power meters
  • May require the use of an amplifier/integrator when used with non-DENT meters. Contact DENT for details.
  • cURus
  • CE

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