CTlogger Time-of-Use Datalogger

CTlogger Time-of-Use Datalogger
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Discontinued May 2019

The CTlogger time-of-use data loggers, part of the SMARTlogger Series, are designed to monitor the on/off status and total time-of-use of loads running in your facility. Monitor nearly anything with an electrical cord, such as appliances or motors. The included current transformer can monitor any conductor carrying 0.25 amp AC or more.

Powered by a user-replaceable coin cell battery, professional installation is not required to use these small, robust loggers. No electrical connections are required to power the logger.

Up to 32,000 records are stored in internal memory. Data can be downloaded to a PC using SMARTware software and a USB communication cable (purchase here: SMART-COM-CBL). One cable is required to connect the logger to a PC.

Each SMARTlogger provides powerful data for superior energy management.

If you are looking for a recording power meter, see the ELITEpro XC. Not sure which instrument you need? Learn more about selecting the right tool for the job here.

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  • Storage capacity of over 32,000 records and ring memory - record for months or years.

  • Measures total on-time and on/off transitions of almost any device with a power cord.

  • Instantly see what your logger has recorded. All SMARTloggers come with a 5-digit LCD showing the on-time and percent-on.

  • SMARTware Windows-based software package for easy data retrieval and analysis, including kWh calculations, total on-time rate schedule graphs and summaries, load profile graphs, summary statistics and time series analysis. (physical copy old separately - or can be downloaded here)

  • Easy importing/exporting of CSV data files for use with Microsoft Excel and other popular programs.

  • Adjustable to above 0.25 amp.

  • Non-intrusive attachment using powerful rare earth magnets, Velcro strips, or mounting hole. Easily secured out of sight.

  • Compact and tough; made of heavy plastic, only 2.5" x 1.5" x .75" (6.3 x 3.8 x 1.9 cm) and weighing only 1.5 ounces (40 gm)

  • User-replaceable battery with industry-leading 5+ year life span.

  • Communications package includes SMARTlogger Communications Cable (USB), SMARTware software, and SMARTlogger manual. Communications package is sold separately and only one package is required no matter how many loggers you have. Learn more here.

  • Know your investment is protected: ALL SMARTloggers have a three-year warranty.

  • Monitor Energy Loads from any appliance with a power cord

  • Measurement and Verification Studies to first establish a baseline consumption figure then evaluate retrofits in order to meet utility mandates, take advantage of rebate programs, or substantiate savings and payback schedules.

  • Demand Profiling and Trending to determine demand profiles and forecast energy use.

  • Compile load profiles, run-time graphs, and kWh calculation, and time-series analysis.

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CTlogger INSTRUMENT, Time-Of-Use + Run-Time

If you are looking for a recording power meter, see the ELITEpro XC. Not sure which instrument you need? Learn more about selecting the right tool for the job here or ask us for a recommendation.

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